The Utility Stage

Sound Stage B has Cyclorama in 2 walls and it is pre-lit. Stage B is a Video and Photography Production Stage and is best suited for smaller shoots including 2 camera head to toe shoots, product shoots, photography with a crew of 3-5 people, Satellite Media Tours (SMT) and remote interviews. The Cyclorama is painted Green Screen, White, Black, Blue and other backgrounds are available and can be changed within minutes.

Sound Stage B

  • 25′ by 35′ production area
  • 15’x 20′ Wide angle Cyclorama
  • 12′ height double insulated walls
  • 12′ height double insulated ceiling
  • 30′ rail holding black curtain
  • 100 AMPS dedicated power available on 3 walls
  • Permanent pre-lit Cyclorama using Kino-flo LED lights
  • Silent air conditioner
  • Green Room
  • Private Makeup, Dressing and Powder Rooms
  • Kitchenette and hangout areas


Stage B Layout

Interview video shoot
Video shoot on black
Digital Green Shoot
Interview shoot on black
Video Shoot on White
Youtube Video Shoot
Video Shoot with a set
Control Room
Digital Green Shoot
Green Room
Digital Green Shoot
Makeup Room
Chroma Key Video Shoot