Video Production Studio Orange County

Orange County Production Studios is a state of art broadcast studio situated in the heart of Orange County, near Newport Beach the financial capital of Orange County and is close to all freeways – an ideal location for all your live shots.

Orange County Production Studios’ facility is a state-of-the-art Stage Rental with 3 stages to accommodate all needs. The stages are designed to be ready at a moment notice to ensure the production day is as efficient as possible.

The facilities include:

  • Conference room
  • Lounge area
  • Green room
  • 4 Make up rooms
  • Private changing rooms
  • Free parking
  • Fiber based high Speed WiFi

Stage A

  • 35′ by 45′ Production Area
  • 12’ by 12′ Barn Door Entry
  • Permanent Pre-lit Kino-flo Cool Lights
  • Silent Air Conditioner

Stage B

  • 25′ by 35′ Production Area
  • Cyclorama (Green, White, Black, other)
  • Permanent Pre-lit Kino-flo LED Lights
  • Silent Air Conditioner

Stage C

  • 16′ by 24′ Production Area
  • 16′ Green Screen Wall
  • Permanent Pre-lit Lights
  • Silent Air Conditioner

Photo Gallery

Video Shoot on set
Digital Green Video Shoot
Stage A Lounge
Stage A Makeup Room
Video Shoot on set
Video Shoot on white cyc
Video Shoot on Chroma Key Cyc
Video Shoot on black cyc and floor
Video Shoot with brown background
Video Shoot on set with black cyc
Product video shoot
Corporate Video Announcement
Stage A Control Room
Green Video Shoot
Video Shoot on Set
Green Screen Soundstage
Car Video Shoot
Car Video Shoot
Silked lighted Set
Car Video Shoot