Webcasting is a powerful, cost-effective way to communicate “face to face” with employees, customers, partners and shareholders. OC Production Studios offers advanced webcasting solutions for broadcasting a virtual event to hundreds or thousands of people. We have the most robust offerings for companies seeking to stream audio and video to their customers, partners, shareholders or employees, regardless of geographic location.

Our webcasts are accessible to viewers via a browser, from a PC, Mac, Smart Phone or Tablet, live or on-demand. Use webcasting to announce your quarterly earnings, hold a press conference, launch a product or manage a crisis.

Any successful video production strategy demands a well-defined Internet strategy.

With years of experience in the forefront of the industry, OC Production Studios has an unmatched understanding of how the Internet has transformed the way businesses and individuals consume video content. Knowing how your content is going to be viewed—the technical, environmental, and behavioral considerations has a critical impact on how the video is produced, edited, optimized. Webcast content must include mobile and tablet deployment as well, since most businesses are now leveraging these devices.

We consider several key factors when we embark on any new project:

  • Where will these videos be viewed? (desktops, tablets, smart phones)
  • Will the creative execution and approach be applicable to these platforms?
  • How will this impact the message and the tone?
  • Will multiple versions need to be created? How many? And for which platforms?
  • What are the technical considerations, such as the operating systems, browser types, device types, content-streaming issues.
  • How do we ensure the most seamless and smoothest viewing experience.
  • How do the videos need to be formatted and encoded.
  • Who is the audience.
  • What is the corporate deployment strategy.

No creative or production decision is made until we determine these factors and fully understand what role the Internet is going to play in the final production.

Do you need a web video that communicates with the public with the maximum return on investment?

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